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Real Estate - Business and Legal Resources

Books in the Catalog

The catalog provides access to books, documents, reports, and other materials. Although journal titles are listed in the catalog, it is not an index to articles within the journals and, more importantly, the catalog does not list all the online journals (see ejournals list for those).

For information on how to locate books, use the Locating Books guide

If you live over 50 miles from the UWF campus, you may request that books be delivered to you by mail.

Many books are available online. Links to these books are in the catalog but you may also search the online book collections directly: 

Finding Real Estate Law e-Books

Commercial Real Estate: Background and Issues

This book is an overview of the current threats facing the commercial real estate and the future problems facing communities, small businesses and American families already struggling to make ends meet in today's especially difficult economy.

Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing: How to Successfully Build Wealth & Grow Passive Income From Your Rental Properties

A comprehensive guide to proven principles and common-sense practices for successfully investing in real estate.

The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate

The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate is a fundamental examination of Corporate Real Estate (“CRE”). As a foundational manual, the guide covers the spectrum of variables shaping the daily decisions of CRE professionals.

Small-Scale Development: Eight Case Studies of Entrepreneurial Projects

Are you an entrepreneur interested in developing your first real estate project? These case studies describe how eight properties were developed, including multifamily.

Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply: How to Plan, Find, Analyze and Build a Profitable Commercial Property Portfolio

The most comprehensive guide to planning, finding, analyzing and building a profitable Commercial Property portfolio in Australia.

Sustainable Real Estate in the Developing World

Sustainable Real Estate in the Developing World offers an in-depth synthesis of works that examine sustainability within various facets of real estate and urban development in the developing world.

Urban Real Estate Investment : A New Era of Opportunity

Authored by former HUD Secretary, Henry Cisneros, this book identifies the potential for real estate investment in over 40 metropolitan areas with strong, weak, and mixed prospects for economic growth. Trends that are positively impacting U.S. cities are explored, including the importance of building for sustainability, harnessing the power of advanced industries and anchor institutions, adding transit-related value, and encouraging mixed-income housing.