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Chicago Format & Citation Style: Author-Date, 17th Edition

Movie or Documentary

REFERENCES format and example:

Director's last name, first name, dir. Original release year. Title of Movie or Film. Place of publication: Studio/Distributor, Video release year. Medium.

Lucas, George, dir. 1977. Star Wars: A New Hope. Beverly Hills, CA: 20th Century Fox, 2011. Blu-ray Disc.


IN-TEXT CITATION format and example:

(Director's LastName Year of version being cited)

(Lucas 2011)

YouTube Video

REFERENCES format and example:

Author's LastName, FirstName/Corporate author. Year of publication. “Title of Video.” YouTube video, running time. Date of publication. URL.

UWF Libraries. 2015. "UWF John C. Pace Library Flash Mob." YouTube video, 3:13. October 22, 2015,


IN-TEXT CITATION format and example:

(Author's LastName/Corporate author Year of publication)

(UWF Libraries 2015)

Television Show

REFERENCES format and example:

Director's LastName, FirstName, dir.. Year of publication. Title of Television Show. Season #, episode #, "Title of Episode." Aired date, on Channel. URL.

Mayberry, Russ, dir. 1971. The Brady Bunch. Season 3, episode 10, "Her Sister's Shadow." Aired November 19, 1971, on ABC.


IN-TEXT CITATION format and example:

(Director's LastName Year of publication)

(Mayberry 1971)


REFERENCES format and example:

Author's LastName, FirstName. Year of publication. "Title of Episode." Produced by Producer's FirstName LastName. Title of Podcast. Date of publication. Podcast, file type, running time. URL.

Danforth, Mike, and Ian Chillag. 2015. "F-Bombs, Chicken, and Exclamation Points." Produced by by Gillian Donovan. How to Do Everything. April 21, 2015. Podcast, MP3 audio, 18:46."


IN-TEXT CITATION format and example:

(Author's LastName Year of publication)

(Danforth and Chillag 2015)

Sound Recording

REFERENCES format and example:

Composer/Performer LastName, FirstName or Name of Group. Year of recording. "Title of Recording." By Names of Contributors. Date recorded. Track # on Title of Album. Recording Company/Publisher. Medium.

Charles, Ray. 1960. “Georgia on My Mind.” By Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell. Recorded March 1960. Track 2 on The Genius Hits the Road. ABC-Paramount. Vinyl LP.


IN-TEXT CITATION format and example:

(Composer/Performer LastName/Group name Year of recording)

(Charles 1960)