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Open Access - Open Educational Resources: UWF 2022 ACE Award Champions

UWF OER Faculty Awards

In spring of 2022 nine faculty applied and received an OER Faculty Award. These awards enable faculty from a variety of disciplines to adapt or create new open access textbooks using the Pressbooks online authoring tool. Their work will deliver quality texts at no cost to students, saving them thousands of dollars each semester.

Learn more about OER resources and check out the recipients below!

Andrea Nelson DPT

Dr. Nelson, Health Sciences and Admin, has published Medical Terminology for Health Professions and is at work on another.  

Jack Giddens PhD

Dr. Giddens is working to refine his curriculum in a new textbook for his general education, World Religions course.

Judy Young PhD


Dr. Young will be adapting several OER resources to create an Introduction to Literature textbook. 

Kathy Andresen DNP

Kathy Andresen

Dr. Andresen, is working on a textbook focusing on nursing leadership for practicing nurses returning to school to obtain a BSN. 

Emily Harris MS

Emily Harris

Mrs. Harris, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Office of Undergraduate Research,  is adapting a textbook for her general education, Introduction to Environmental Sciences Course.




Karen Valaitis EdD

Karen Valaitis

Dr. Valaitis, Health Sciences and Administration, will be creating a new textbook for her U.S. Healthcare course.

Tiffany Jackman DNP

Dr. Jackman will be creating a textbook for  improved coverage of Legal Fundamentals of Healthcare.

Katherine Greene MPH

Ms. Greene co-author of the OA textbook, Medical Terminology for Health Professions, will be working with Dr. Nelson to create a general health sciences textbook.

Tim Morse EdD

Tim Morse

Dr. Morse, School of Education, is working on a multimedia webbook addressing protocols for students who manifest high incidence disabilities.

Jennifer Stark PhD

Jennifer Stark

Dr. Stark will be developing an elementary science OER textbook.