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PUR 3100: Writing for Public Relations

Help finding demographic information for market research.

Citing a Table/Dataset in DemographicsNow

Here are the components you'll need to make your citation:

1. Author - found at the bottom of the report/table/dataset. If there isn't one, start with the title of the report.

2. Publication Date - also found at the bottom of the report.

3. Report title: The Geographic Area you selected

4. Name of database, e.g. Gale DemographicsNow.

5. Retrieved [date you accessed] from

6. URL

Note: for regular databases, APA does not require the URL anymore, but your instructor will likely want this information. It also does not require the date accessed anymore; however, DemographicsNow data is likely to change so many experts recommend it.


Experian Marketing Solutions. (2021). Consumer expenditure report: Escambia County, FL. Gale DemographicsNow.

Retrieved October 7, 2021 from