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RAE - Research Administration and Engagement - Research Lifecycle & Support

This guide provides links for services and tools for projects, writing, planning, and management as you progress through the research project from inception to publication.

What is an institutional repository?

An institutional repository is a single, online place where a community (in this case, the University of West Florida) gathers and preserves scholarly output produced by its members and makes these materials available to the world (copyright permitting). This output may include both publications in peer-reviewed journals and materials not published elsewhere (datasets, pre-prints, post-prints, performance recordings, syllabi, theses and dissertations, book chapters, etc).

For more information about the UWF Argo IRCommons please see our guide and web page

The most common items uploaded to the IR are articles in one of the forms below.


By Thomas Shafee - Own work; adapted from diagram by Ginny Barbour, CC BY 4.0,

How can I contribute to the Argo IRCommons?

We are happy to create your profile and deposit materials for you.

Please complete the authorization form: UWF IR Authorization Form. Please note this form is for use by faculty and staff only.

Once we have received your form, we will contact you about creating your profile and setting up a schedule to acquire materials for upload. It is our standard practice to use your information and photo from your profile on the University’s website for your IR profile. Other photo and/or biographical information can be used if supplied.

The IR can accommodate materials in print, audio, and audio-visual formats. Digital-born files are the quickest to upload. But we will convert files to the formats required by our platform as needed, and scan print materials for you also. If you have questions about specific file types, please note them on the authorization form.