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RAE - Research Administration and Engagement - Research Lifecycle & Support

This guide provides links for services and tools for projects, writing, planning, and management as you progress through the research project from inception to publication.

Finding the right journal?

Finding the right journal to publish in is usually dependent on several criteria including impact factor, altmetrics, discipline, type of research, specificity of topic etc...

Below are several resources that you may consult as you consider and decide where to submit your transcript.


JournalGuide Introduces New Verified Status To Help Researchers Identify  Trusted Journals

The JournalGuide is a free database of journals that allows you to "Search, filter, sort, and compare journals from more than 46,000 titles".  Their goal is to " to bring all sources of data together in one place to give authors a simple way to choose the best journal for their research".

You may search using your manuscript title, keywords from the title, journal name, publisher, or category/subcategory. Includes open access journals and impact factors when available.

The following resources can be used to clarify and confirm information about journals.

For more resources please go to our Scholarly Communication Guide

Know Your Rights

As the author of a manuscript for a journal or book, you have a distinct body of rights. First and most importantly until otherwise indicated you hold the copyright to your work. This means that you can use your work in any manner you deem acceptable. In your courses, website, blogs, podcasts, etc... In essence, you control access to your work. 

                        Author's Rights and Copyright. (2020). Illinois Library.


Rather than give up all of your rights you can negotiate your publishing contract.  You have nothing to lose and much to gain such as:

  • the right to use copies in your courses
  • the right to deposit a copy in multiple repositories
  • the right for limited distribution (colleagues, collaborators)
  • the right to have a copy attached to an online CV or in web sites like Linked-In.

In order to keep these rights, you will have to do some work.  Most often this may take the form of a Contract Addendum. Below are links to documents you can use as-is or modify. 

For additional information check out the following resources