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ANT 2301: Human Sexuality and Culture

Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography is a list of citations to books, journal articles, and other works accompanied by descriptive and critical paragraph length summaries.

Recommended Components of an Annotation: (*Note: not all will apply)

  • brief summary
  • authority (who is responsible for the content? is he/she an expert? what are his/her credentials?)
  • relevance (how does the material relate to the topic?)
  • scope (what’s included? what’s excluded? general or specific content?)
  • audience (general? academic? particular group or organization? scholarly or popular?)
  • purpose (educate? inform? persuade? entertain? sell? what is the author trying to convey?)
  • objectivity (are there apparent biases?  facts or opinions?  balanced viewpoint?)
  • credibility (what sources does the author use? is the material well-researched? are there references or documented sources of information?)
  • timeliness (is the research current?)
  • relationship and/or comparison to other works on the topic (how does it all fit together?)

For additional help and examples, see the UWF Libraries guide for writing an Annotated Bibliography