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A Scholar's Guide to Pandemics

COVID-19 is a new virus but the phenomenon of pandemics, and epidemics, has long been a fact of life. This guide offers multidisciplinary resources and subjects throughout the university curriculum. Take this opportunity to study what we have long known a

Global News Timeline

These sources are just the tip of the iceberg. To explore ideas, find other sources, or get citation assistance, Ask a Librarian.

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Ken Omega--World News. Accessed 19 March 2020. Digital image.



The first death of COVID-19 was in December 2019, in China. It’s amazing how quickly information is formed and disseminated (viral?). Below are a few news articles and journalism on a current event that is barely three months old. 

Journalism and news are our way of documenting snapshots in time of people and events that shape our lives. Like people, the quality of  information varies, so especially during a pandemic, it is critical to understand what is accurate in order to make good decisions.

The articles below were accessed in the library’s database Nexis Uni. They were originally published in newspapers and conferences from around the world, which helps us see the broader picture of COVID-19. Interestingly, it had a different name when this news cycle started: coronavirus. However, the name change does not diminish its reality.

First is a timeline of how the virus conversation has shaped. There is an early conspiracy theory, which was debunked, there is a U.S. politician who said the virus is just political posturing, there is a timely example of economic challenges, and there are national newspapers which may have some bias. Take all that into account when considering present circumstances.

In addition, there is also a page here of how science, technology, health, and medicine are being utilized to cure this virus. This moment in time is a perfect opportunity to understand how higher education, research, and innovations can fulfill UWF’s goal: Creating the Next Generation of Big Thinkers.

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To access articles, click on titles and enter your Argo username and password.

January 2020

From Wuhan to Australia: A timeline of key events in the spread of the deadly coronavirus: Jan 29

1st case in China is December 12, 2019



South Korea

Coronavirus: New case in Wisconsin brings U.S. total to 12: Feb 6

WHO Gives Coronavirus Official Name: What Does COVID-19 Mean? Feb 11

Scientists Criticize Un-Peer Reviewed Indian Study That Fueled Coronavirus Conspiracies: Feb 12

February 13, 2020: BioCentury Publications, Inc.: COVID-19 update: Remdesivir readout in weeks; hospital-use diagnostic under development; antibodies advancing: Feb 13

Virus death toll soars as China changes counting methods: Feb 13

Vietnam Quarantines Entire Commune of 10,000 on Coronavirus Fears: Feb 13


China and Malaysia

United Nations: UN health agency developing COVID-19 virus treatment master plan: Feb 14

US senator's WHO request is all about politics: Feb 14

US Senator Rick Scott

'Clearly emerging' that COVID-19 is different from SARS, more similarities to H1N1: Lawrence Wong: Feb 14

Coronavirus: China reports fall in new cases continues: Feb 15

A Decisive Stage for China’s Fight against COVID-19 Epidemic: Feb 19

Columbia University: 'Stealth Transmission' Fuels Fast Spread of Coronavirus Outbreak, Feb 27


Roundup: India moves to combat spread of COVID-19, lauds China's efforts: March 1

Protect: Can-do China Curbs COVID 19: March 11

China’s Epidemic Response Sets Global Example: March 12

Factbox: China's fight against novel coronavirus outbreak, March 13

What it Will Take to Save Economies from the Coronavirus Pandemic