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Lift Every Voice: ePortfolios for Creating and Integrating

Adapted from the 2018 Batson Lecture delivered at the annual meeting of the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) at Capilano University in Vancouver, British Columbia, this editorial challenges readers to think closely about the value and purpose of ePortfolios in higher education and posits a rationale for why ePortfolios are more important than ever for our students, our institutions, and our democratic society. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

ePortfolios: Supporting Reflection and Deep Learning in High-Impact Practices 

The article discusses the integration of eportfolios in education which help support various learning contexts for professional development. It examines the impact of eportfolios to the educational practices as well as to student-faculty interaction. It also stresses the essence of eportfolios to promote teaching effectiveness.

The Use of ePortfolios in Higher Education: From the Student's Perspective

This study sets out to discern the students' perspective on the value/usefulness and importance of the e-portfolio, as well as their own performance and effort. The participants were 121 preschool and primary school initial teacher education students in a private university in Spain. They were enrolled in three asynchronous undergraduate sections of an elective course on ICTs in education. Our data suggest that students are willing to use e-portfolios in the future, and do not just view them as coursework to be completed for a grade. The respondents acknowledged the value of e-portfolio as a learning and evaluation tool. Students recognise the e-portfolio as a job search tool as well as a resource for career advancement. They reported both competence and satisfaction with their work. The strongest impetus of intrinsic motivation, as indicated by our research, was an appreciation for the value and usefulness of the e-portfolio, followed by the students' perspective of competence. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Changing Their Mindsets: ePortfolios Encourage Application of Concepts of the Self

We describe the ePortfolio delivery of a mindset intervention to college students. In Study 1, 38 underrepresented ethnic minority (URM) students who were enrolled in a summer research program completed a mindset intervention as a worksheet (n = 17) or as an ePortfolio (n = 21). Students who completed ePortfolios were more likely than students who completed worksheets to demonstrate conceptual mastery, describe a shift in mindset, and describe personal grit. In Study 2, students in an introductory college course completed the mindset intervention in a graded ePortfolio (n = 54) or a graded paper (n = 56). Students in both groups reported a stronger endorsement of a growth mindset after completing the assignment and were equally likely to produce complete answers. Although students who completed papers provided more conceptual content, students who completed ePortfolios were more likely to describe themselves as having a growth mindset and displaying grit than students who completed papers. Positive effects of the ePortfolio intervention were present for both URM and non-URM students. We conclude that ePortfolios add value to assignments that are intended to evoke personal reflection and application of core concepts to the self. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

Thinking Skills by Design: Using a CVapstone ePortfolio to Promote Reflection, Critical Thinking, and Curriculum Integration

A capstone ePortfolio is a digital space where students can gather and integrate their learning experiences from their undergraduate careers into a meaningful whole, demonstrate their growth as learners and connect their learning to the world. The process of creating a capstone ePortfolio equips students with the digital composition skills necessary for creating a professional career ePortfolio, helping them to showcase their strengths for future employment and for graduate or professional school applications. This project piloted an undergraduate capstone ePortfolio program designed to be the culminating experience for juniors upon completion of the general education program (i.e., core curriculum). Pilot program results, based on a group of 18 students from a variety of academic and demographic backgrounds, suggest that the capstone ePortfolio program can serve as a vehicle for promoting reflection, critical thinking, digital literacy and composition and integration of curricular experiences. This article presents the results of a mixed-method assessment of the pilot and discusses how these results will be used to frame the semester-long capstone ePortfolio program for the undergraduate general education program at a large AAU research institution. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]