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Accessibility Resource Guide

This guide contains information on the resources available for persons with disabilities at the University of West Florida.

HathiTrust ADA-Compliant Files

Students, Faculty, and staff registered with their institution’s disability resource center (or institutional equivalent) may obtain ADA-compliant PDF files of any materials in the State University System (SUS) library holdings that are also available in HathiTrust.

Please note: Files cannot be supplied to any student, faculty, staff, or other patrons without first verifying that they are registered with their institution’s disability resource center. This is part of our contract agreement with HathiTrust. 

To determine if a book is in the SUS library system, and available for download from HathiTrust, follow the steps below. If you are unable to navigate the system and require assistance, please contact Donna Fluharty ( - daytime contact) or Kellie Sparks ( - evening contact 1pm until 9pm).

How to Locate Eligible ADA-Compliant Files

1.    Go to the SUS library catalog:

2.    Choose the “Advanced Search” option:



3.    For this example, we will search for the book, Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. Enter the title and author in the appropriate search boxes, and click on the Search button: 

4.    Verify that the title is a part of the SUS library holdings. If a physical copy of the book is in the holdings of any of the State University System Libraries, it is eligible for retrieval from HathiTrust. To determine if the title is available via HathiTrust, place a checkmark in the box beside the Accessible Resources option, and click on the Apply to Search link:


5.    If the title requested appears in the list of Accessible Resources, the next step is to locate the listing in HathiTrust. Go to (When doing this, the user must be using the computer with the static IP address supplied to Hathitrust by the library).  Click on the Log-in button, and log in with your credentials:


6.    When logged in, click on the Advanced full-text search link:


7.    Enter the title Wuthering Heights in the first box and select title from the pulldown menu options; enter Emily Bronte in the second box, and choose Author from the pulldown menu options:


 8.    If a book is a part of the SUS holdings and listed in HathiTrust, the University of West Florida's HathiTrust liaison can download and supply the PDF file. To go to the online request form, go to . For further assistance, please email Donna Fluharty during the daytime ( or Kellie Sparks during afternoon/evening (, or call 850-474-2424.