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Creative Thinking

This guide is dedicated to how one might be a more creative thinker and innovator in any discipline.


All of the ideas on this page are inspired by UWF Professor Jim Jipson and his class Advanced Concepts, which focuses on the creative process. 

Enhance Creativity

  1. Incubation
  2. "Sleeping" on the problem
  3. Emotional Agility
  4. Openness to Experiences
  5. "Mushing" or tactile stimulation
  6. Self-Confidence
  7. Quieting the Mind
  8. The habit of YES
  9. Flexibility
  10. Meditation
  11. Hydration
  12. Flow or "Getting in the Zone"
  13. Divergent Thinking
  14. Brainstorming
  15. Neuroplasticity
  16. Thoughts while in the shower
  17. Play
  18. Breathing
  19. Multiple Tasks (Consciously work on 1, Unconsciously work on 2)
  20. Journal


Limits to Creativity

  1. The word "No"
  2. Fear
  3. Overconfidence
  4. Convergent Thinking (e.g. "Hitting the Goal")
  5. Conscious Thinking
  6. Same or Like-Minded People
  7. Lack of Play


  1. You have to be an artist to be creative.
  2. You have to be very intelligent to be creative. 
  3. Creativity demands great skill. 
  4. Creativity is limited to only a few careers or majors. 


Creativity Crash Course: Tina Seelig