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Cuban American Association of Pensacola Collection

A collection of books and videos collected by the Cuban American Association of Pensacola (CAAP) and donated to the John C. Pace Library.

Titles in the CAAP Collection

La Arquitectura Colonial Cubana by Joaquin E. Weiss, 1979

Before Fidel: the Cuba I remember by Francisco Jose Moreno, 2007

Castro's Revolution, Myth and Reality, V. 1-2 by Juan M. Clark, 2013

Constitutional Modernist: Architecture and Civil Society in Cuba, 1933-1959 by Timothy Hyde, 2012

Cuba, el Socialismo y sus Exodus by Armando Navarro Vega, 2013

Cuba: From Economic Take-off to Collapse Under Castro, by Jorge Salazar Carrillo, 2015

Cuba Then: Rare and Classic Images from the Ramiro A. Fernandez Collection, foreward and poems by Richard Blanco, 2013

Cuba y su Cultura by Raul M. Shelton, 1993

Cuban Masterworks Collection (DVD), 2006

The Cuban Revolution and the United States: A History in Documents, 1958-1960, 2001

I Was Cuba: Treasures from the Ramiro Fernandex Collection edited by Kevin Kwan, 2007

La Dinastia Castro: Los Misterios y Secretos de su Poder by Jacobo Machover, 2007

The Double Life of Fidel Castro: My 17 Years as Personal Bodyguard to El Lder Mximo by Juan Reinaldo Schez, 2014

Fencing With Fidel and Other Tales of Life in the Foreign Service: a Selective Memoir by John A. Ferch, 2013

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution: Age, Position, Character, Destiny, Personality and Ambition by Carlos Alberto Montaner, 2007

Fighting Over Fidel by New York intellectuals and the Cuban Revolution, 2016

Fresa y Chocolate: Strawberry and Chocolate (DVD), 2010

Fue Cuba : la infiltración cubano-soviética que dio origen a la violencia subversiva en Latinoamérica by Juan Batista Yofre, 2014

Great Houses of Cuba: a Century of Cuban Style by Hermes Mallea, 2011

Guevara: Anatomia de un Mito = Anatomy of a Myth (DVD), 2005

Guillermo Cabrera Infante: Two islands, Many Worlds by Raymond Souza, 1996

La Habana Esplendorosa by Zoe Blanco Roca, 2012

La Habana: historia y arquitectura de una ciudad romántica by Maria Luisa Lobo Montalvo, 2009

The Havana Guide: Modern Architecture by Eduardo Luis Rodriguez

Havana: Two Faces of the Antillean Metropolis by Joseph Scarpaci, 2002

Historia Minima de la Revolucion Cubana, by Rafael Rojas, 2015

Historic Photos of Cuban Miami by Jennifer Ortiz, 2010

El Hombre de Praga by Hildemaro Montejo, 2013

Journey to the Heart of Cuba: My Life as Fidel Castro by Carlos Alberto Montaner, 2001

The Longest Romance: the Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro by Humberto Fontova, 2013

The Lost City (DVD) 2006

Lucia (DVD), 2010

La Maquina del Olvido: Mito, Historia y Poder en Cuba by Rafael Rojas, 2012

Major Cuban Novelists: Innovation and Tradition by Raymond Souza, 1976

La memoria al poder : escritores cubanos del exilio : Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Severo Sarduy, Reinaldo Arenas by Jacobo Machover, 2001

Mi Lucha por la Libertad: Recuerdos de Une 'Epoca Heroica by Hiram Gonzalez, 2010

Ready, Aim, Fire! Character Assassination in Cuba by Rafael Rojas, 2012

Reporting the Cuban Revolution: How Castro Manipulated American Journalists by Leonard Ray Teel, 2015

Revolution of Forms: Cuba's Forgotten Art Schools by John A. Loomis, 2011

Sent to the USA: Memoirs of an Exiled Cuban-American Child by Sebastion Almazan, 2015

The Man Who Loved Dogs, by Leonardo Padura, 2014

Three Days in March: the Events in 1952 the Marked the Beginning of the End of the Republic of Cuba by Raul Eduard Chao, 2014

Three Trapped Tigers by Guillermo Cabrera Infante, 2004

Unfinished Spaces, directed and produced by Alysa Nahmias and Benjamin Morray, 2013

Key to the New World: A History of Early Colonial Cuba by Luis Martínez-Fernández, 2018