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User Experience: Journey Mapping

This is a space dedicated to the library's UX project.

Journey Mapping

The User Experience (UX) Project consists of the following:

Participants fall under the following categories:

  • Freshmen
  • International Students
  • Returning Adult Students
  • Military Veterans

The tasks to be completed fall under the following categories:

  • Scenario One: Using the library to prepare for a group project
  • Scenario Two: Using the library to prepare for an online quiz
  • Find-a-Book: Find a designated book
  • Wild Card: Complete any task you had originally intended to do while in the library

Using the GoPro:

  • Participants wear a GoPro while completing their selected task
  • All footage collected will be used for research purposes only

After the project:

  • The participant will complete a short survey
  • The participant will receive a library koozie (drink holder) full of candy

These tasks typically take 10 - 15 minutes to complete.


  1. Establish timeline for continuing project

    1. Finishing data collection (July 1st 2016)

    2. Data analysis phase (present- end September)

      1. Update the methods/recruitment strategy if it changed from  you what originally submitted (present-end September)

    3. Compile information: LibGuide, Work Group Reports (October)

      1. Each group determines what goes in LibGuide

        1. Summary (Abstract), Methods, tasks, results (highlights)

      2. Kellie & Hillary drafts more formalized report based on summaries from other groups (November)

    4. Future plans: Put together presentation for CDC (December)

    5. Goal: Conference or Poster Presentation (2017)

Journey Mapping Video

This video shows one of our Freshman participants navigating the library to find a book. 

Suggestions for Library

  • Increase LCC instruction to incoming Freshman during library instruction sessions.
  • Better signage when students enter 3rd or 4th floor by staircase landing.
  • Increase data ports and/or boost wifi 
  • Monitor computer desktop search terminals throughout day
  • Be more proactive with customer service
  • Improve technology check-out form to decrease amount of time spent on form completion
  • Investigate further online access points for library page (e.g. MyUWF, mobile)

Coding Results

Things to Consider:

  • Patron points of difficulty
  • Service touchpoints
  • Patron emotions (e.g. frustration, relief, nervousness)
  • Patron navigation

Project Observations

  • Many participants had issues with locating the book on the shelf. (LC Classification)
  • Several participants had trouble navigating the individual library floor.
  • The library's WiFi connection inside the study carrels needs improvement.
  • Our computer search terminals were found to not be working properly.
  • Student desktop computers are significantly slower than employee computers.
  • Students used a variety of access points to access library website (e.g. MyUWF, library website)
  • Our online technology check-out form needs improvement. 

Future Notes

  • Purchase additional chest strap for multiple GoPro use

Survey Feedback Insight