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Newspapers: Full Text

Steps to Finding Articles

Locate a database from the list to the right (e.g., JSTOR)

Search the database with keywords using filters to limit dates, types of resources, other terms, etc.

Use the full text links (pdf versions are preferred) within the database to view article

Use  or to link to full text articles available in other databases

Check the list of ejournals and the library catalog to make sure UWF does not own the journal you need 

Articles not at UWF

If you need an article that is not available at UWF, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan at no cost.

Articles are delivered electronically to your ILL account, and you will notified when they are received.  Most articles are received in about 24 hours, but it can take up to 5 days. 

For more information, watch this brief Interlibrary Loan video

Full Text Newspapers

Numerous newspapers are purchased in print form on a daily basis. These "hard copies" are available on the library's 2nd floor. Full text reproductions or facsimiles of newspapers articles are available in two additional formats, as online databases and as microfilm. They can be current or found in an archive of historic materials.

Newspapers can be searched by title in the library's catalog and by title in the databases. A list of the library's newspaper holdings can be retrieved by using Advanced Catalog Search and selecting newspapers in the Format option. This list is not exhaustive however, since this list does not retrieve all newspaper formats.

Online Databases

Databases can be accessed by clicking the Databases link on the library's homepage.

Pensacola News Journal includes full text (not PDF) from 1999-current.

Pensacola News Journal
Selected content is available free online. This is a free website and not an official UWF database.

Pensacola News Journal
This free site indexes the PNJ back to 2002, but does not include full text.

New York Times, 1999-present
New York Times Archive, 1851-2009

LexisNexis Academic

ProQuest NewsStand

‚ÄčProQuest National Newspapers Core
Includes the Washington Post, LA Times and other core newspapers.

Many additional databases cover newspapers. However, ProQuest NewsStand is devoted solely to newspapers, and LexisNexis Academic includes a section that is devoted solely to newspapers.


New York Times
, 1887-2005, Microfilm 91, 2nd floor.
A print index must be used to identify relevant articles. See Indexes tab.

The Times (London), 1788-2011, Microfilm #505, 2nd floor.
The Times is indexed online from 1906 to 1980. 

Pensacola News Journal, 1985-present, print and microfilm formats are available on the library's 2nd floor.
Daily hard copy issues are retained until replaced by Microfilm #89. Issues older than one month are shelved in the Serials Department until microfilm is received. Formed by union of Pensacola News and Pensacola Journal.

Pensacola News, 1955-1985, Microfilm #89, 2nd floor.
Merged with Pensacola Journal to form Pensacola News Journal.

Pensacola Journal, 1905-1985, Microfilm #89, 2nd floor.
Merged with Pensacola News to form Pensacola News Journal.

Managing Citations with RefWorks

Use RefWorks to manage citations from journals, books, documents, and internet sites.

First time users will need to create an account which will permit a user to store citations indefinitely for repeated use.  The UWF group code is RWUWestFlor.

Use the RefWorks tutorial to learn more about this useful database, or watch this brief video.