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Investment Research: Finding Books

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Reference Books

There are almost 450 reference materials in Credo, our new online reference database. Many are specifically related to business. Here are materials located on the first floor reference collection:

Dictionary of Investing. 1993. (Ref. HG 4513 R67)
This source defines technology, regulations, legislation, financial instruments as well as other terms relating to the field of investment. See also Investor Words  http://www.investorwords.comWall Street Executive Library

Handbook of United States Economic and Financial Indicators. 2000. (Ref. HC 106.8 O47)
This book answers questions about the makeup, purposes, use and availability of economic indicators as well as frequency of issue, publications where they may be found and a characterization of its use. See also the Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators (Ref. HG 4915 C56 2003) which gives further definitions and examples of decision making criteria for investors.

Irwin Guide to Using the Wall Street Journal. 2000. (HB 3743 L44 2000)
An overview of the economy, historical and current, which describes business, investment and economic concepts and terms and shows how to relate them to current information and news.

International Encyclopedia of the Stock Market. 1999. (Ref. HG 4551 I57)
Includes an A-Z arrangement of essays defining terms, events and places relating to stock markets of all countries

Plunkett's On-line Trading Finance & Investment Web Sites Almanac. 2000. (Ref. HF 54.56 P588) and netLibrary
Provides guidance to using the Internet for investment services

Wall Street Words. 1997.(Ref. HG 4513 S37)
"An essential A to Z guide for today's investor





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