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Library Instruction & Information Literacy: Home

Librarians frolic and share library instruction, information literacy, and assessment activities, as well as program results and strategic directions.

Assessment Plan

View the whole Library Instruction & Information Literacy Assessment Plan in its entirety:

Mission Statement

The Library Instruction and Information Literacy Program promotes the exploration of knowledge and seeks to graduate information literate students who are equipped for lifelong learning in the 21st Century. 

The program accomplishes its mission through collaboration with departments and faculty, aligning itself with institutional goals, providing engaging face-to-face and online instruction, and making a commitment to the continual improvement of student learning and faculty support.

Program Goals

1.  Effectively teach library and information literacy skills to students and assess student learning, both F2F and online.

2.  Collaborate with faculty and departments to integrate information literacy objectives into   their courses and assignments.

3.   Increase awareness of information literacy at the University through outreach.

4.   Develop and enhance resources that support and teach information literacy skills, including online tutorials and guides.

5.   Provide professional development opportunities for librarians.

Student Learning Outcomes (Summary)

Students will:

  • demonstrate general library skills.
  • access and retrieve relevant information effectively and efficiently.
  • critically evaluate information sources.
  • use information ethically.
  • further develop research skills in their own disciplines.
  • apply information literacy skills in their professions.

Useful Links / Docs

Useful links and resources for librarians.