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ART 2602: Introduction to Digital Studio Practice

Nature @ UWF

Check out the following sources for inspiration! These are a glimpse at some of the ways UWF and nature intersect.

  • ‚ÄčEdward Ball Nature Trail: The Edward Ball Nature Trail is a leisurely half-mile boardwalk through Thompson’s Bayou, a beautiful hardwood swamp. You may spot a variety of songbirds and water fowl at this Great Florida Birding Trail site established by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
  • Topic Ideas: UWF Nature Trail, songbirds, water fowl, Thompson's Bayou, plastic pollution in water, edible plants
  • Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission 
    Topic Ideas: Escambia River, plastic pollution impact on marine and wildlife

  • UWF Camellia Gardens: The UWF Camellia Garden is collaboration between the University of West Florida, The Pensacola Camellia Club and the UWF Retired Employee Association designed to showcase Pensacola registered varieties along with camellias from around the world.
    Topic Idea: Camellia Gardens, flowers of Northwest Florida, community gardens

  • UWF Archeology Institute The Archaeology Institute at the University of West Florida is an educational, research and service facility concerned with the prehistoric and historic archaeological resources of the northwest Florida region. The Institute has a professional staff of nine archaeologists, a computer graphics/GIS analyst, a marine captain/dive safety officer and an office manager. Additional staff and students are regularly employed through grant and contract funds.
    Topic Ideas: Spanish settlement (as it relates to UWF's Archaeology research), Luna Settlement 

  • Parks and Archeological Sites Affiliated with UWF
  • Opal Shipwreck at Pensacola Beach (affiliated with UWF): Sometimes underwater resources are not underwater, but on land. Here in Pensacola Beach, Florida (and probably elsewhere), shipwrecks have been washed up on shore and covered by sand dunes. Storms, such as the October 1995 Hurricane Opal, sometimes expose these buried shipwrecks. Archaeologists from UWF were called in to identify the remains of this mystery ship.
    Topic Ideas: shipwrecks, marine ecology and shipwreck