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The Mistory Project: Assignments

This research guide is designed to assist students with The Mistory Project.


Week 1: Develop a 1-2 page bibliography and a 1-2 page outline in Word based on preliminary research.

1.     Use a general newspaper database, such as (available at the Pensacola Historical Society Resource Center) to identify a crime and develop a rough outline to guide your note taking (see sample outline). In the early twentieth century US newspapers regularly printed abbreviated versions of crime stories from other newspapers around the country, including those that originated in local papers.

2.     Identify key dates to guide your search in local newspapers (for which there are no searchable electronic databases, but only microfilm and clippings).

a.     The crime must have occurred in the Florida counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, or Bay.

b.     The crime must not have been previously published (other than in a newspaper) or made into a documentary.

c.     The crime must have occurred in the 50 years between 1914 and 1964. 

Week 2: Identify 5 physical locations related to the crime story.

Weeks 2-4: Take notes (using the Note-Taking Guide) from primary sources, such as the Pensacola News Journal, Milton Gazette, Okaloosa News-Journal, and Panama City News Herald. Take notes from secondary sources for context (e.g., what the city was like at the time of the crime in terms of population, industry, demography, etc.) and for information on the physical locations related to the story.

Consider using the colors suggested in the Note-Taking Guide to organize your notes or, even better, use OneNote (or another note-taking software) to organize your notes, as this software allows you to tag notes for searching.

Weeks 4-6: Write first draft of narrative, with each section beginning with a physical location related to story (10-12 pages).

Weeks 7-8: Write final draft (8-10 pages).