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The Mistory Project: Note-Taking Guide

This research guide is designed to assist students with The Mistory Project.

Mistory Note-Taking Guide

‚ÄčIn your note taking, please consider using the following as a template:

1.    BACKGROUND: Highlight in yellow or tag as “BACKGROUND” any information on the victim of the crime up to but not including the events of the day of the crime.

2.    FINAL HOURS: Highlight in blue or tag as “FINAL HOURS” the movements of the victim on the day of the crime.

3.    POST MORTEM: Highlight in green or tag as “POST MORTEM” a description of the crime scene, newspaper coverage of the victim in the days following the crime, concluding with the burial.  Do not include any information about the subsequent criminal investigation, other than authorities' initial observations based on the crime scene.

4.    INVESTIGATION: Highlight in orange or tag as “INVESTIGATION” anything to do with the subsequent criminal investigation.

5.    TRIAL: Highlight in pink or tag “TRIAL” anything to do with a grand jury or court trial related to the case. 

6.    EPILOGUE: Highlight in purple or tag “EPILOGUE” any information that post-dates any trial.