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The Mistory Project: Final Projects

This research guide is designed to assist students with The Mistory Project.

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Student Testimonials

My name is Cathy Dewey and I am a senior history major attending the University of West Florida. I participated in a class in the fall of 2015 that was a combined class of history, criminal justice and legal studies students. The content and direction of this class was outlined by Dr.’s Clune, Hough, and McCorkle, but the specifics were left to the students to define.

I personally, not only enjoyed the ability to work on my own, without the constraints of a class schedule, but also was encouraged to look in areas that are outside the parameters of my particular major. Since I study history, most information is relatively easy to locate and access. The many avenues that I found to explore, in my efforts to find information regarding the particular crime I researched, gave me a much broader perspective of the many ways to research and the plethora of resources out there that are not necessarily part of the research arena I am familiar with.

I also find that this style of teaching puts the burden of responsibility on the student to think for themselves, as well as, think outside the box. It promotes self-discipline and motivation towards meeting goals and deadlines. I felt a very decided pride in the level of work I put into this class and I appreciate the high standards of the professors who taught this class and that they applied those standards to me. I would recommend this class to many of my collegiate peers, regardless of the degree they are seeking.

Cathy Dewey