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EUH 3121: Fall of Rome, Birth of Europe

Research Project

Your project includes several parts. Each one is important in your success. Be sure to read through the rubric for each component as posted under Assessments-->Rubrics in eLearning. The rubric is what your work will be evaluated against, so work to fulfill each requirement on it. The total project is worth 50% of your final grade and following are the percentages for each component of the project:

  • Topic and Primary Sources
  • Topic, Thesis Statement, and Full Bibliography
  • Final Research Paper
  • Oral Presentation
  • Presentation PowerPoint
  • Presentation Handout

Choose a research topic from the list provided in eLearning and have it approved by the professor before you begin to research. Then immediately start researching, starting with locating primary sources in a language you can read. Pay close attention to the due dates for each component of the project.

Bibliography/Source Requirements

Per the Research Paper rubric: 

  • Bibliography contains at least 2 primary sources and 8 secondary sources
  • Secondary sources include at least 3 scholarly books and 3 scholarly journal articles
  • A majority of secondary sources must have been published in the last twenty years

Research Project Due Dates

9/25—Research Topic and Two Primary Sources due
10/23—Thesis Statement and Full Bibliography due
11/27—Final Research Paper (including Bibliography) due