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EUH 3121: Fall of Rome, Birth of Europe

OneSearch - for articles

OneSearch is the easiest way to find articles on a particular topic.  It brings together results containing books, articles, and other library resources in one powerful search, but you can limit your results to scholarly, peer-reviewed articles (academic journals) or magazines.  

You may activate the closed-captioning on this video, if desired. A transcript of this video is also provided below.

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Databases index journal articles, books, conference proceedings, reports, and other materials. These databases are the most relevant for Ancient and Medieval history:

Articles not at UWF

If you need an article that is not available at UWF, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan at no cost.

Articles are delivered electronically to your ILL account, and you will notified when they are received.  Most articles are received in about 24 hours, but it can take up to 5 days. 

For more information, watch this brief Interlibrary Loan video

Google Scholar

Searching Google Scholar allows you to limit your search to scholarly literature: articles, books, conference proceedings, theses, etc.

Set Google Scholar to link to UWF Libraries resources:

  • Click Settings in Google Scholar
  • Click Library Links
  • Type University of West Florida into the box and search
  • Check the UWF boxes
  • Click the blue SAVE button to save these settings

Remember, you need to be logged in through Remote Access to access these resources from off-campus.

Watch this brief video for help using Google Scholar: