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Faculty Guide to Information Literacy Assessment: Want Help?

This guide will demonstrate ways faculty may choose to incorporate Information Literacy Tutorials into their courses and how to assess their students' mastery of these skills.

Have questions about the tutorials?

Have questions about the tutorials and quizzes, specifically?


Britt McGowan
(850) 474-2048

Contact your subject specialist librarian!

Want help creating information literacy/research assignments and assessments? Contact your discipline subject specialist librarian for assistance.

Dean DeBolt

Subject Specialties: West Florida History
Phone Number: (850) 474-2213
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 006
Email Address:

Donna Fluharty

Subject Specialties: Education, Administrative Studies, Criminal Justice, Social Work
Phone Number: (850) 474-2439
Office Location: Bldg 86, Rm 105
Email Address:

Melissa Finley Gonzalez

Subject Specialties: History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, Political Science, Multicultural & Gender Studies
Phone Number: (850) 474-2821
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 140
Email Address:

Shari Johnson

Subject Specialties: Business
Phone Number: (850) 474-2711
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 134
Email Address:

Britt McGowan

Subject Specialties: English, World Languages & Communication Arts
Phone Number: (850) 474-2048
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 135
Email Address:

Kellie Sparks

Subject Specialties: Law, Philosophy, Religion
Phone Number: (850) 474-2264
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 133
Email Address:

Caroline Thompson

Subject Specialties: Sciences, HLES
Phone Number: (850) 474-2412
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 139
Email Address:

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Britt McGowan
Bldg.32 / Rm.135
(850) 474-2048