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Locating Books: Professional Studies Library

Reading call numbers and locating books in the Main and Professional Studies Libraries are covered in this guide.

Curriculum Library

The Professional Studies Library is in Building 86 (College of Professional Studies). It houses educational resources including local area textbooks and classroom teaching aids. Because the population it serves includes education students learning to teach grades kindergarten through 12th grade, there is a variey of formats including games, puzzles, models and manipulative materials. These collections are cataloged using a system that best serve education specialists. The system uses discipline codes in addition to format types and other identifying factors.


Our Library  by Eve Bunting, published in 2008 by Clarion Books

Llib.SLI Language Arts/Library Skills
ClaB Publisher
Gr.K-2 Appropriate grades
2008 Publication date
B86 Cutter Number


Subject Classification


                        Form Codes  




.AG           Activity Guide

.AGTE     AG Teacher Edition

.AK           Answer Key

.AM          Activity Masters

.B              Bibliographies/Catalogs

.BIO          Biography

.BLB         Bulletin Boards

.CG     Curriculum Guide                        

.CTA        Classroom Teaching Aids

.EX           Experiments

.LC           Learning Centers

.LM           Lab Manual

.LP            Lesson Plan

.MOD       Module

.OSB         Oversize Book

.PI             Programmed Instruction

.RS            Research Study/Survey

.S               Supplementary (Nonfiction)

.SG            Study Guide

.SGTE      SG Teacher Edition

.SK            Solution Key/Manual

.SLI           Supplementary (Fiction)

.ST            Study Text

.STE         ST Teacher Edition

.TE            Teacher Edition

.TG           Teacher Guide

.TM           Teacher Manual

.TPE         Teacher Education Materials

.TRB         Teacher Resource Book

.TS            Test

.TTE         TS Teacher Edition

.TX           Text, Student Edition

.UG           User Guide

.W             Workbook, Student Edition

.WLB        Wordless Book

.WTE        Workbook, Teacher Edition




.AC           Activity Cards

.AP            Art Prints

.CAS         Audiocassette

.CC           Closure Cards

.CD           Compact Disc

.CD-ROM        CD-ROM

.CH           Chart

.DC           Drill Cards

.DM          Duplicating Master

.DSC         Design Cards

.DSK         Software Disk

.DVD        DVD

.FC            Flash Cards

.FG           Flannelgraphs

.FS            Filmstrip

.G              Educational Games/Toys

.K              Multimedia Kit

.M             Map/Globe

.MN          Manipulative Material

.MO          Model

.P               Picture/Photograph

.PC            Poster Card

.PI             Programmed Instruction

.PIC          Picture Card

.PO            Poster

.PU            Puppet

.PZ            Puzzle

.RD           Recording

.RL           Realia

.SB            Sequence Board

.SBK         Sequence Blocks

.SC            Sequence Cards

.SFS          Sound Filmstrip

.SL            Slides

.SM           Simulation

.SP            Specimen

.STT         Stencil/Template

.STP          Study Print

.T              Tape

.TR           Transparency

.TRM        Transparency Master

.VID          Videocassette

.WC          Wall Card/Chart

.WDC       Word Cards