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Locating Books: Shelving Books

Reading call numbers and locating books in the Main and Professional Studies Libraries are covered in this guide.

Shelving Books

Book and journal call numbers are shelved in alphabetical and then numerical order. Since there is a decimal point on the third line of the call number, the following books would be found in this order:

The first line is alphabetical (e.g., N is shelved before NB)

The second line of the call number is a whole number (e.g., 100 is before 115)

The third line of the call number is the first letter of the author's last name followed by a decimal number (e.g., .S65 is before .S8)

Book Locations

 Main Library


Special Collections


First Floor:

Reference, Circulation & Reserve Desks


Reference Collection

Library Classroom

Government Documents, Maps & Atlases

Interlibrary Loan

New Books & Reading Area

Computer Workstations & Scanners

Photocopiers & Printers

Nautilus/Change Machines


Second Floor:

Serials Service Desk

Periodicals, Newspapers & Microfilm

Nautilus/Change Machines

Photocopiers & Printer

Computer Workstations


Third Floor:

Book Stacks L-Z

Paperback Collection

Music Collection

Study Carrels (individual & group)


Fourth Floor:

Book Stacks A-K

Juvenile Collection

Oversized Collection

Study Carrels (individual & group)