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RefWorks: Adding Citations

Learn how to use this useful citation manager

Adding Citations

RefWorks allows you to add citations from a variety of sources. The easiest way is to add a plug-in to your tool bar that, when invoked, will analyze any resource on your computer 

Using the PlugIn

From the icon, click on Tools, which pulls up a link to install a Save to RefWorks plug in:

The plug in can be dragged to the browser bar and used to analyze any web page on your monitor:

Export from Databases

In most databases and catalogs, at the record level there is an export option which usually includes RefWorks:

Import from Files

Capture Web Pages

Manually Adding Citations

From the Main Page, click on the + sign:

You can use the drop file option, which will prompt RefWorks to analyze the citation and add the bibliographic information to the appropriate fields, or you can type in the information (if you start with the article title and click the and RefWorks will attempt to find the citation for you).