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Literature Review: Conducting & Writing

This guide will provide research and writing tips to help students complete a literature review assignment.

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Jane Daugherty Portrait

Jane Daugherty

Subject Specialties: Engineering, Computer Science, Math & Statistics, Chemistry, and Physics
Phone Number: (850) 474-3446
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 139
Email Address:
Dean DeBolt Portrait

Dean DeBolt

Subject Specialties: West Florida History
Phone Number: (850) 474-2213
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 006
Email Address:
Hillary Fox Portrait

Hillary Fox

Subject Specialties: Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Biology, and Exercise Science
Phone Number: (850) 474-2358
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 136
Email Address:
Melissa Finley Gonzalez Portrait

Melissa Finley Gonzalez

Subject Specialties: History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Sociology, Political Science, Multicultural & Gender Studies, Music
Phone Number: (850) 474-2821
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 140
Email Address:
Shari Johnson Portrait

Shari Johnson

Subject Specialties: Business, Hospitality, Recreation and Resort Management
Phone Number: (850) 474-2711
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 134
Email Address:
Britt McGowan Portrait

Britt McGowan

Subject Specialties: Art, Communication, English, Theatre, World Languages
Phone Number: (850) 474-2048
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 135
Email Address:
Kellie Sparks Portrait

Kellie Sparks

Subject Specialties: Law, Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Criminal Justice
Phone Number: (850) 474-2264
Office Location: Bldg 32, Rm 133
Email Address:
Paul Williford Portrait

Paul Williford

Subject Specialties: Emerald Coast Librarian
Phone Number: (850) 863-6577
Office Location: Emerald Coast, Building 8
Email Address:
Amanda Ziegler Portrait

Amanda Ziegler

Subject Specialties: Education, Social Work
Phone Number: (850) 474-2957
Office Location: Bldg 86, Rm 106A
Email Address: