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Political Science: Statistics

Print Sources

CIA World Factbook. 2010. [Online and Ref. Desk PREX 3.15:2010]
Provides statistical and narrative information about countries of the world.

East European and Soviet Data Handbook: Political, Social, and Developmental Indicators, 1945-1975. 1981. [Ref HA 1446 S53]

Europa World Year Book. 2vols. Annual. [Ref. Desk JN 1 E85]
Provides summaries of the geography, history, government, economy, services, religion and media of each country in the world. Descriptive information, as well as statistical tables and charts, are included. See also Political Handbook of the World (older editions JF 37 P61), Statesman's Yearbook (Ref. JA 51 .S7), and the Commonwealth Yearbook (Ref. JN 248 .C5912).

International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia, and Oceania, 1750-2005. 2007. [Ref. HA 4675 M552 2007]

International Historical Statistics: The Americas, 1750-2005. 2007. [Ref. HA 175 M55 2007]

International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750-2005. 2007. [Ref. HA 1107 M5 2007]

State, Economy, and Society in Western Europe, 1815-1975: A Date Handbook in Two Volumes. 1983. [Ref. HN 374 S731 1983]

Statistical Abstract of the United States. 2010. [Ref. Desk Docs C 3.134:2010]
Older editions (1878- ) in Reference (Ref. HA 202 U58)

Statistical Abstract of the World. 1997. [Ref. Desk HA 154 S68]

Statistical Yearbook. 2009. [Ref. JX 1977 A2 ST STAT XX S79]
The United Nation's statistical abstract of the world, regional, and country data. Covers demographics, social and educational statistics, and domestic/external economic activity.

Vital Statistics on American Politics. 1995. [Ref. JK 274 S74]
Data covering a variety of aspects relating to political science, including statistics on the constitution, mass media, campaigns and elections, political parties, public opinion, interest groups, congress, executive branch, judiciary, federalism, foreign policy, social policy, and economic policy are contained in this handbook.

World Handbook of Political & Social Indicators. 2 vols. 1983. [Ref. HN 25 T39 1983]