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Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science

A guide to research in health and exercise

Books in the Catalog

Background Sources


Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences. (Ref. R 118.6  I568 2004)
This guide to basic bibliographic tools in the health sciences includes a chapter on electronic bibliographic databases, and a chapter on audiovisual materials.


The Recreation and Entertainment Industries. (Ref. GV 188.3 U6 C5 2000)
An Information Sourcebook, this is a bibliography of information sources pertaining to industries and associations in the field of recreation and entertainment. Includes phone, fax, e-mail and Internet addresses


Glossary of Recreation Therapy and Occupational Therapy. (Ref. RM 736.7 A97 2001)
This dictionary is designed to serve as a study guide for students and as a reference book for practitioners. Includes an appendix of Abbreviations and Symbols.

The Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science and Medicine. (Ref. RC 1206 O94 1998)
Over 7,500 terms are defined in this specialized dictionary which also includes numerous cross-references. A list of banned performance-enhancing drugs and procedures is presented in Appendix 1.


Encyclopedia of Foods. (Ref. TX 349 E475 2002)
A Guide to Healthy Nutrition. A guide to food, nutrition and health containing recipes and color photographs.

Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior. 2 vols. (Ref. R 726.5 E53 2004)
This multi-volume encyclopedia covers the multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary aspects of the field and includes many cross-references and sources for Further Reading.

Encyclopedia of Public Health. 4 vols. (Ref. RA 423 E53 2002)
Contains over 900 entries for the lay reader on the skills, organizaion, functions, and history of the field of public health. Each essay includes an appended bibliography.

Sports Culture. (Ref. GV 706.5 C383 2000)
The role that sports plays in our modern culture is discussed in this source with medium-length essays on selected topics. Most entries include references of Of Related Interest.

Sports Leagues and Teams: An Encyclopedia, 1871 through 1996. (Ref. GV 583 P655 1998)
A compilation of data on the leagues, franchises, teams, nicknames and playing facilities of major professional leagues in various sports. Includes information on more than 3200 teams and 200 leagues


Complete Baseball Record Book. (Ref. GV 877 C66 1999)
See also: The Baseball Encyclopedia (Ref. GV 877 B27 1988), The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract (Ref. GV 863 A1 J36), The Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball (Ref. GV 877 T64), and The World Series (Ref. GV 878.4 C64 1990).

Complete Home Wellness Handbook. (Ref. RC 81 S9685 2001)
Home Remedies, Prevention, Self-Care, this source is written for the general public. It is divided into general topics and a large section is an A to Z discussion of ailments and disorders.

Fitness and Exercise Sourcebook. (Ref. GV 436 F53 2001)

Handbook of Sport Psychology. (Ref. GV 706.4 H37 2001)
Long essays on the interaction of physiology and psychology on performance is provided in this handbook.

Official Rules of Basketball. (Ref. GV 885.45 N374 1998)
The official NCAA men's and women's basketball rules and interpretations See also Official NBA Guide (Ref. GV 885 N26 2001/2002), Official WNBA Guide and Register (Ref. GV 885.515 W66 W65), Official Rules of the NFL (Ref. GV 955 N333 2002/2003), Official Rules of Major League Baseball (Ref. GV 877 M34 2003) and Official Rules of Golf (Ref. GV 971 U6 2000).

Sports. (Ref. GV 704 S663 2000)
See also Rules of the Game (Ref. GV 731 D52 1990), Spalding Book of Rules (Ref. GV 731 B76 1997), and Sports Rules Encyclopedia (Ref. GV 731 S75 1990).

Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing. (Ref. R121 .S8 2005)
Comprehensive dictionary of medical terminology.


The Ballplayers. (Ref. GV 865 A1 B323 1990)
Over 6,000 biographical references are provided of players active in both the 19th and 20th century. See also Baseball's Best: The Hall of Fame Gallery (Ref. GV 865 A1 A66).

A Cumulative Index to the Biographical Dictionary of American Sports. (Ref. GV 697 A1 B49 1993)
An index to the first five volumes of the Biographical Dictionary of American Sports Series: Baseball (Ref. GV 697 A1 B493 1987), Basketball and Other Indoor Sports (Ref. GV 697 A1 B494 1989), 1989-1992 Supplement for Baseball, Football, Basketball and Other Sports (Ref. GV 697 A1 B494 1992), Football (Ref. GV 697 A1 B492 1987), and Outdoor Sports (Ref. GV 697 A1 B491 1988). The cumulative index is updated by: Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: 1992-1995 (Ref. GV 697 A1 B494 1995).

The Fifty Finest Athletes of the 20th Century. (Ref. GV 697 A1 C67 1990)
A biographical survey of the top 20 athletes of the century along with 30 Runners-Up

A Hard Road to Glory: A History of the African-American Athlete, 1619-1918. (Ref. GV 583 A75 1988)
See also accompanying volumes entitled: A Hard Road to Glory: A History of the African-American Athlete 1919-1945 (Ref. GV 583 A754 1988), A Hard Road to Glory: A History of the African-American Athlete Since 1946 (Ref. GV 583 A755 1988), and The Black Athlete - Emergence and Arrival (Ref. GV 697 A1 H38).