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Philosophy: After Graduation

Top Ten Graduate Schools for Philosophy

  • University of Oxford - United Kingdom
  • University of Cambridge - United Kingdom
  • Harvard University - Massachusetts
  • University of California, Berkeley - California
  • Princeton University - New Jersey
  • Australian National University - Australia
  • University of Chicago - Illinois
  • New York Univeristy - New York
  • Yale University - Connecticut
  • Stanford University - California

What to do with a Philosophy Degree?

A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy by itself does not lead to any particular job path, but students who plan their undergraduate career carefully can get almost any job they want with a degree in philosophy.

Graduate, Law and Medical School

  • Graduate school in Philosophy is the most obvious direction to take with a philosophy degree.
  • Philosophy is one of the best majors to prepare a student for Law Schools. Law Schools don’t place a great deal of importance on applicant’s majors, but philosophy student perform better on the LSAT than any other liberal arts major and philosophy inculcates students with skills that are essential for law school, especially dexterity with arguments in written and oral communication.
  • There are plenty of students who complete pre-medical, pre-dental and pre-veterinary requirements while pursuing a liberal arts degree.

Teacher Certification

  • Other students pursue a teacher certification, which allows them to teach the primary and secondary school.