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A guide to resources and research in nursing. See also, for evidence based practice

What is PubMed?

PubMed is a comprehensive database that allows you to find citations, clinical trials, and other forms of literature from biomedical and health related fields.

PubMed and PICO(T)

PubMed can be used to find evidence based literature to support PICO(T) questions. Use these strategies when developing a search strategy for your PICO(T) question:

  • Consider one or two keywords for each element of PICO(T)
  • When you start your search, begin by entering the keywords for P and I. Entering all the keywords from your PICO(T) question may result in a search that is too narrow. Start broad and then focus on narrowing your search.
  • Based on your results, begin adding in other keywords from C, O, and T
  • Consider synonyms, MeSH terms, and variations in spelling for your keywords.
  • Remember, you may have to adapt your search and run multiple searches with different words. That's a natural part of doing research!

Getting Started with PubMed

Working with MeSH Database

PubMed Search Results