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Boost Your Scholarly Profile: Task 6

This guide is designed to help UWF faculty members raise their scholarly profile.

Find Collaborators

For this task, explore a variety of additional tools that may help you identify potential research partners. Sign up for these tools and put your profile out there for others to find as well.

Why Does This Task Matter?

Finding other researchers for the purposes of collaboration has many advantages. Research collaboration often leads to co-authorship opportunities, research networking, and joint research projects. Some research projects may be too daunting to take on with your current available resources; collaboration can help!

Tools & Tips for Finding Research Collaborators

Take Advantage of Professional & Scholarly Association Memberships

Use your professional and scholarly association memberships to their full advantage.

  • Update your profile within these associations.
  • Join member interest groups and participate on list-servs.
  • Make a plan to connect with colleagues whose research interests align with yours. You may do this at conferences or virtually. 
Online Tools for Finding Collaborators
Tools in Particular Disciplines