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Maps: Reference

Reference Sources


Columbia Gazetteer of the World. 1998. 3 vols. (Ref. G 103.5 C65 1998 & FWB)

Guide to U. S. Map Resources, 3rd ed. 2006. (Ref. GA 193 U5 C62 2005)

Index to Maps in Books and Periodicals. 1968-1976. 10 vols. 2 Suppls. (Ref. GA 300 A5)

Index to Maps of the American Revolution in Books and Periodicals: Illustrating the Revolutionary War and Other Events of the Period 1763-1789. 1969. (Ref. Z 6026 H6 C55)

Maps Contained in the Publications of the American Bibliography, 1639-1819: An Index and Checklist. 1988. (Ref. GA 405 W3 1988)

Maps of America in Periodicals Before 1800. 1989. (Ref. Z 6027 A5 J64 1989)

Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers>. 1979. (Ref. GA 198 T66)

Writings on American History. 1902-1990. [Ref. E 178 W9]


The Aerial Photo Sourcebook. 1998. (Ref. TR 810 C64 1998)

Antique Maps. 1989. (Ref. GA 197.3 M67 1983)

Antique Maps, Sea Charts, City Views, Celestial Charts, and Battle Plans. 1985, 1991. (Ref. GA 197.3 A57)

The World in Perspective: A Directory of World Map Projections. 1989. (Ref. GA 110 C34 1989)


Cities Below
Depicts major U.S. cities at various magnifications, and includes city histories and mileage information.

Delorme MapExpert
Detailed road maps of the United States are provided on this product which is useful for planning trips.

Delorme Map'n'go Interactive Multimedia
An excellent source for travel planning which covers North America. Includes road maps and guidebook information.

Database of geographic names from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) that have been approved by the Board on Geographic Names for use within the U. S. government.

Global Explorer
Includes topographical and city maps on a worldwide basis.

LandView II
A series of maps produced by the E.P.A. which displays hazardous waste sites in the United States.

LandView III
This mapping system provides jurisdictional boundaries, roads, rivers, railroads, census data and landmark features of selected geographic areas.

3-D Talking Globe
Identifies over 3 million place names and features on the earth's surface.

Provides census maps that depict cartographic information delineated by streets, rivers, railroads, and additional data.

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